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Jewish Early Childhood Education Helps Instill the Fundamentals of Jewish Life

Parents who want their children to carry on the traditions of Jewish life can enroll their children in Jewish early childhood education programs. These programs include lessons on Jewish values, customs, and other important topics that have helped sustain the Jewish people for centuries. Here are some of the subjects that students can learn while they receive their Jewish early childhood education.

Lessons of the Torah

The Torah, or the Five Books of Moses, serves as one of the main fundamentals of Jewish life. Children who take part in Jewish early childhood education can learn about subjects like the Exodus from Egypt and the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai, and all lessons are age-appropriate so that young children can comprehend what is being taught. In addition to Moses, children can learn about Abraham, Sarah, and other pivotal people who played important roles in the early days of Judaism and how they still continue to influence Jewish life to this day.

Hebrew Language Skills

From the aleph (א) to the tav (ת), Jewish children will learn all letters of the Hebrew alphabet and how to spell words using these letters so that they will be able to read from Torah and other sacred Jewish texts in their original language. Students in these Jewish early childhood programs can also learn how to speak Hebrew with the correct word pronunciations so that they will be able to communicate in the language effectively.

Prayer Recital

Praying, or davening, plays a significant role in many Jews' daily lives, and children in these educational programs can learn how to recite each prayer correctly. Children will also learn when to stand and bow during certain prayers and how to cover their eyes when reciting the Shema prayer. The proper blessings for ritual handwashing, special occasions, and different types of food will be included in the lessons as well.

Shabbat and Holidays

Observing the Sabbath from Friday evening until Saturday night has long been a weekly tradition among the most traditional and liberal Jews, and children who take part in a Jewish early childhood education program can learn more about the significance of this period along with customary Shabbat foods and practices. The true meanings of Hannukah, Passover, and other important holidays will also be covered.

These are just a few of the valuable lessons in Jewish life that are included in most Jewish early childhood education programs. The right program can give children the tools that they need to keep living Jewishly throughout their lives. Reach out to childhood program providers, such as Tiny Tots Incorporated, in your area to find a good fit.