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Family Losing A Grip On A Jewish Identity In America? Jewish Preschools May Help Preserve It

As Jewish children age and embrace American culture, they may start to forget the important cultural traditions of their ancestors. This situation is one of great difficulty and must be approached in a meaningful and effective way. Parents may want to start young by introducing their child to cultural lessons in a Jewish preschool or day school community.

Jewish Culture Needs to Be Embraced

The unique age and consistency of Jewish culture over the years has been an interesting element and one that has had a huge impact on society. Unfortunately, a growing number of Jewish people are feeling like they may be losing their cultural identity. As like what often happens with many people when they move to America, they get integrated into a greater and broader culture.

There is no problem with this type of synthesis – it is what helps to make many nations great – but can be devastating to Jewish people who value their identity. Trying to maintain this rich historical tradition is one that requires a skilled and effective approach. For example, a growing number of people are sending their children to Jewish preschools or day schools to maintain their culture.

How Jewish Schools Help

Jewish Preschools take young Jewish children and focus on teaching many elements of their culture. Children at these preschools will also learn important lessons about reading, doing math, and behaving in public as they get introduced to elements of Jewish culture. All of these aspects are designed to provide them with a firmer grasp on who they are and the history behind their ancestors.

In this way, a child gets introduced to these elements early in life and is surrounded by them in an educational and informative way. Therefore, it will be easier for them to understand these elements and lessons later in their life when they learn unique lessons about their history. As a result, it won't be as hard for them to maintain their identity and they'll be able to pass on these concepts to their children when they become adults. 

The unique and powerful history of the Jewish people is one that should be embraced to ensure that it can be expanded upon and made even more engaging in the future. Thankfully, Jewish preschools and day schools can do what is necessary to preserve this heritage and keep children engaged with their Jewish culture and history.

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